Boarding School

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Boarding School

Boarding at Mother's House

Building skills for student life, one step at a time

Our Boarding Program goes beyond a bedroom and meals. We are a youth development program focused on boarders' self-imporvement. We provide a safe, active and inclusive living environment and strengthen their life skills in order to succeed in school and mature into responsible global citizens.

Developing identity through an active lifestyle
We expect our boarders to get new experiences as opportunities to grow and build charater, We fully expect each student to become an active member and through experience to grow as a good citizen.

Special Classes
We provide special tution classes for the students of border according with daily studying plan. Every week, there are activites and outings arranged for boarders to gain general knowledge and to get relaxation. These include such drop-in events as cooking lessons, sporting competitions and musical performances, usually held on campus. Our supervised outings bring groups all over the local region to join cultural celebrations and sporting events. More adventurous students may even take advantage of carefully-planned such the local trips offered several times each term.

Activity Opportunities
Activity groups
Clubs that are instructed by widely-recognized coaches with such diverse offerings as martial arts and photography.
Supervised outings
Students can participate in cultural and sporting events, and enjoy the natural beauty of the enviornment.
Service organizations
Many students join service outings to volunteer with local organizations and extend goodwill.
Drop-in events
There's always something happening on campus. From sports to cooking classes to music performances, there's something for everyone.

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