Mother’s House is a private, co-education boarding school founded since and located in Building A/2 Zarlitaung Housing, Thumingala Road, Thingangyun T/S Yangon. Mother’s House offerings KG to grades 10, and university preparation. We have local and international experienced instructors to make it a rich and exciting place to learn, study, play, and build life-long menories and friendships. We create well-rounded students by inspiring a sense of community and teamwork while developing skill and talents in arrage of disciplines. Our wide variety of classes and extracurricular programming such as skill for foreign langauages, Arts, Sports, Music and Dancing builds etcs. make our students creative minds, healthy bodies and courageous spirits.

Our Mission is to provide a culturally-diverse enviornment for students to become active learners and well-rounded citizens. The most important criteria for measuring the success of our mission will be our ability to attract students based on our vision and to reward them as good and successful citizens.

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Building A2, Zarlitaung Housing,Thumingalar Road, Thingangyun Tsp. Yangon, Myanmar.

Tel: ”017571785, 017571547, 09450055232, 09775146339″