Learning extended beyond the classroom

While students learn academic skills and content in their school classes, during the evenings and weekends boarders receive close support from professional teachers and studying guides to develop their stud skills and to go well with their lessons.

Students reflect on their progress and are given frequent feedback by advisors both on areas of strength and skills needing improvement. In order to support students’ development of studying skills, we offer a number of ongoing opportunities for focused learning. These include workshops on relevant topics from visiting experts, group discussions ect.

Program Elements
A focus on physical well-being, including personal hygiene, diet and exercise.
Interpersonal skills
Practicing conflict resoultion and fostering greater empathy and inclusivenese.
Personal Planning
Creating mature, young adults through structure, routine and responsibility.
Giving opportunities to demostrate volunteerism, duty and courage.

Progress Report
Students are given periodic feedback by advisors on these four areas. Twice each school term, progress reports measuring these areas are sent to students and their families to summarize observations and highlight strengths and weakness.
We support students in these areas by offering ongoing opportunities such as topical workshops from experts, individualized guidance,weekly group discussions, and resource materials on key issues important to young people.

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