Program Elements

Self-care Focus on physical well-being, including personal hygiene, diet and exercise. Interpersonal skills Practicing conflict resolution and fostering greater empathy and inclusiveness. Personal Planning Creating mature, young adults through structure, routine and responsibility. Leadership Giving opportunities to demostrate volunterrism, dity and courage.

Activity Opportunities

Activity groups Clubs that are instructed by widely-recognized coaches with such diverse offerings as martial arts and photography. Supervised outings Students can participate in cultural and sporting events and enjoy the natural beauty of the enviornment. Service organizations Many Students join service outings to volunteer with local organization and exten goodwill. Drop-in events There's always something happening on campus. From sports to cooking classes to music performances, there's something for everyone.


Mother's House is a private, co-education school , offerings KG to grades 10 and up to university preparation. We have local and international experienced lecturers to make a rich and exciting place to learn, study, play and build life-long memories and friendships. We have a wide variety of program such as foreign languages skill training, Arts, Sports, Music and Dancing etc.
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Progress Report Students are given periodic feedback by advisors on these four areas. Twice each school term, progress reports measuring these areas are sent to students and their families to summarize observations and highlight strengths and weakness. We support students in these areas by offering ongoing opportunities such as topical workshops from experts, individualized guidance, weekly group discussions, and resource materials on key issues important to young people.

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